For all TouchTrainers® other than FM210 models, the proper shutdown is as listed below:

1. On the AUX touch screen, find the Simulator Controls menu in the bottom-right corner.

2. Tap the MORE key to bring up the home page for this menu.

3. Tap the icon for power on the left side of this menu.

4. On the next menu page that pops up, tap the power icon to shutdown.

5. The system will ask you to confirm shutdown, tap this button once more and the simulation will shut down.

6. To shutdown the computer, navigate to the bottom-left corner of the MAIN touchscreen and click on the windows icon.

7. When the start menu pops up, click on SHUT DOWN. (For some systems, you may have to select POWER, then, SHUT DOWN)

8. The entire system is now fully powered off. You may leave all the screens on, they will enter a low-power state and you will not have to turn them back on the next time you power on the simulator.