Release notes for 2.96.424

Release date 7/26/2017

Bugs fixed:


  • Functionality for the Fuel Pump/Boost button has been improved.
  • Cessna 530 VisX panels no longer have purple corners.


  • The SR22T panel now idles.
  • In the Emuteq SR20 Analog panel the IOS is now only on the Aux screen, not spilling onto the main screen.


  • CDI, OBS and MSG buttons should now function correctly with the GNS530 Emuteq hardware.


  • For the MU2 panel the Airspeed Tape on the G500 now matches the arcs on the analog airspeed gauge.


  • The Malibu prop range should now be correctly mapped.
  • On a cold and dark load the 430 is no longer on with the rest of the panel off.
  • The EDM 930 in the Cherokee panels now indicates fuel quantity for each tank correctly.
  • In the Seminoles the pop up keyboard for the secondary 430 is no longer hidden inside the primary 430.
  • The Seminole Analog panel now has an Alt pre-select instrument.
  • The bottom number label on the flaps lever is now visible on all the Seminole panels.


  • Manifold Pressure for the R22 and R44 panels should now be working as expected.
  • The audio instrument is no longer emissive.
  • In the R22 Aspen the IOS should no longer be off screen.
  • Installer functionality has been improved to maintain the integrity of these panels.
  • The R44 should no longer be jittery within normal operating RPM.

SimAVIO and General Instruments

  • Primary and Standby Baro adjustments are now independent of each other on all applicable panels.
  • Image files have been renamed to solve conflicts caused by files in different locations with the same name.
  • Statistics Window now has documentation.
  • In the G1000 when the ALT bug should now sync to the MDA bug when the MDA bug is passed.
  • The presence of hardware should no longer cause unnecessary activations of the virtual magneto animation.
  • LPV annunciation should now be present in the FTS430 and FTS530.
  • The nav source for KJWN ILS and M91 LOC 04 should no longer be inoperative.
  • Waypoint IAF KGTU GPS 18 axwub should now be positioned correctly.
  • KPRB DME missed approach should now have the hold at JEBNO.
  • Approaches for KHWD should now be correct.
  • KHND now has the VOR-C approach present.
  • KCDC now has an ILS approach.
  • KATL data should now be up to date.
  • SimAvio now has throttle check activated.

New Features and add-ons


  • A Cessna 172 G1000 with a KFC 140 panel is now available.


  • The moving map has been added into the newer Piper Aspen master file.
  • The Piper Arrow Analog IIIB VisX panel is now available.

SimAVIO and General Instruments

  • The ELT is now a functional button.

Known issues

  • Some approach procedures, data and frequencies are still missing from our navigation data.
  • Numeric keypad hides while on the Baro set MDA field of the G1000.  This only occurs after you start twisting the FMS knob.
  • XTK scaling issue with CDI.
  • Activating a leg on an approach on the 430/530 can result in cross track error and course deviation getting stuck.
  • Cessna 182 RPM is following the throttle instead of remaining at constant setting.
  • In the Cessna 182 cycling the prop does not produce the correct RPM or MP values.
  • Improper LOC capture and annunciation for when APR button is pushed on an ILS approach.
  • In Cirrus flying a missed approach the craft does not complete TOGA behavior before adjusting for NAV/HDG input. Also turned right when it should have turned left.
  • R22 throttle is not adjustable when gov is on.
  • When the R22 batt master is turned off in flight the coordinated flight characteristics are lost.
  • When the R22 is in auto-rotate the aircraft glide ratio is too great.
  • SR22 G3 Perspective fuel totalizer not reading time left accurately.
  • Loading a new scenario from the web page does not reset a currently running scenario.
  • On the MFD for the SR22T waypoints cannot be selected in the flightplan when it is in split screen.
  • In the R22 there is no Carb heat gauge —waiting for the variable in X-Plane.
  • Website- broken link under help à web support; help à show help also does nothing.
  • In the Cirrus 430s crossfill from GPS2 to GPS1 defaults to off. We cannot model this more completely at present.
  • TIT indicator seems to follow fuel rich and lean.
  • In the DA42-165 going into reversionary mode causes a shift in the frame of the MFD.
  • On the GCU there is an intercept failure on the GP with LPV and RNAV+V approaches.
  • A selected Course does not always map correctly from the MFD to the GPS CDI in the PFD.
  • The FTS430 splash screen has an emissivity or color display problem.
  • Cannot currently enter OBS course data with the GCU keypad.
  • For European pilots, there is no way to select a specific waypoint for when there are multiple waypoints with the same name.
  • The Aspen PFD sync functionality for IAS/CRS and HDG/ALT is not accurate.
  • The MU2 layouts are having problems with the analog Artificial Horizons not working.
  • When the G1000 is in bypass mode the transponder code stays green instead of turning white.
  • In the Cirrus Avidyne PFD, the cardinal direction flags are overlapping.
  • When the G1000 is in reversionary mode the transponder goes to a fail state.
  • The scenarios keyboard window needs room for more characters.
  • The FTS430 is not switching to SUSP correctly.
  • In the G1000 MFD, the terrain warning appears when running an approach in ILS mode.
  • OBS is not correctly tracking TO – FR changes when flying through GPS fixes.
  • FMS knob on COM setting rotates in larger increments than is preferable.
  • When an attempt is made to load a scenario file that is not present there is user feedback to indicate a problem.

Release notes for 2.96.412.0

Release date 5/9/2017

Bugs fixed:


  • Gear indicator lights in the Bonanza G1000 are now emissive.

  • Compass in the Standby EFIS Artificial Horizon now has the correct texture.


  • Brakes in the model function properly.

  • New fts file fixes the problem with the battery switch incorrectly toggling to the off position.

  • In the 172 G1000 EIS on the MFD the fuel sliders now read correctly when in reversionary mode.


  • EIS Manifold Pressure gauge In the Perspective now has numerals.

  • Autopilot Heading bug directions are fixed, the craft will now always turn towards the heading bug.

  • The numeric keypad digits on the FTS 478 are now always displayed.

  • Press and hold function of CLR on the GCU with the Cirrus Perspective is now working.

  • New SimAvio Pro SR20 fts files stops the MFD screen incorrectly cycling back to the splash screen.

  • SimAvio Pro layouts now all have the correct pathways to load their corresponding aircraft model.

  • Cirrus G5 Perspective layouts now have correct visual ordering between the MFD bezel and the radio stack.


  • Fail state for the G1000 MFD engine page now shows correct gauges and red xs’ in the right places.

  • Aircraft file now has interior lighting modeled correctly.

  • C350 flaps panel has been altered so only the light is emissive, and only when it is on.

  • G1000 engine page now has correct emissivity across all text and needles.

  • G1000 EIS is now lined up correctly with the bezel.

  • C350 NavCom/Bypass button has been altered to fix emissivity issues.


  • Right engine alternator output has been corrected for the DA42.

  • Flaps text in the DA42 is no longer emissive with all lights out.

  • Power settings with gear and flaps down in the DA42 have been corrected.

  • Refined the DA42 aircraft model to more closely match the POH.

  • Refined DA42 G1000 EIS pages to more closely match the POH.

  • Starter on/off controls in the DA42 now act independently.

  • Boost switch will now toggle off.


  • CDI, OBS and VNAV buttons function with the Emuteq hardware.

  • GNS 530 textures have been re-aligned.


  • G1000 layout rearranged to correct external visual format.


  • RPM and Fuel Flow needles no longer pulse excessively and the throttle handles should no longer jump.


  • Flaps handles now work with the gcu hardware.

  • The fuel pressure gauge is now independent of the alternator.

  • The standby EFIS now has a power down state.


  • The R22 OBS now has vertical bars.

  • If the Alternator or Battery are off, or in the event of an electrical failure, the governor now switches off.

  • Tachometer no longer powers off when Battery is off.

SimAVIO and General Instruments

  • The Scenarios menu in the IOS now has uniform emissivity.

  • The IOS set wind direction dial references magnetic North not true North.

  • The Key overlay for the Scenarios page is now up to date.

  • Gear in transit lights should all light when the gear is between locked down and up states.

  • Day Night toggle is now functional.

  • In the G1000 the bearing pointer now lines up with the correct bearing.

  • Buttons on the bezel of the G1000 are now no longer active when the G1000 is powered off.

  • Changes to the PFD model fix issue with the GCU XPDR keypad input.

  • PFD/MFD selection indicator no longer disappears when XPDR mode is activated.

  • The G1000 GPS annunciation now works as it should.

  • The G1000 COM and NAV text is now emissive.

  • GFC 700 Autopilot annunciations and NAV and Apr buttons are more accurate.

  • The map on the GNS430 and 530 maintains correct alignment on the screen when the cursor is activated.

  • In GMA 347 and 350 both COMs can now stay active while switching between MIC1 and MIC2.

  • With an STEC present, flight director bars will be hidden if neither horizontal nor vertical modes are available.

  • On the DFC90, the top row functions (NAV, HDG etc.) will now also activate the Autopilot when pressed.

  • Changes to the COM frequency now will not stick until ENTER is pressed.

  • Page cycling in the Auracle EDM now goes past the ‘save & return’ page.

  • The Glass Standby Artificial Horizon is now correctly emissive.

  • In the JPI960 the CHT and EGT bars are now properly calibrated.

  • A Real Time weather setting in X-Plane is no longer disabled when SimAvio loads.

  • Latest NavData fixes problem with infinite VTF course.

  • Vor A approach into KBSP is now present in the NavData.

  • Link to the support site has been added to the websites home page.

  • Scenarios Webpage link now functions correctly.

New Features and add-ons


  • Two G500 Seminole layouts and an Analog Seminole layout have been released.

SimAVIO and General Instruments

  • Addition of a log in option on the Scenarios.

Release notes for 2.96.394


Release date 12/9/2016

Bugs fixed:


· Volt and ammeter now read properly when main alt is off and standby is on.

· Baron STEC Flight Director can now be turned off by the FD on/AP off button if AP is already off.

· Corrected names on the Baron G500 cockpits to reflect the Autopilots present.

· Made sure the flap lever is always visible in the Bonanza Garmin 500.


· ‘AP on/AP off-FD on’ removed from some standard layouts where they were not needed.

· Multiple textures for props have been added to various different plane models.

· Battery master now defaults to 0 on panel load.

· GNS430 map now aligns, translates and scales correctly.

· Manifold Pressure gauge present in all appropriate layouts.


· ‘Discard’ now spelled correctly on the Perspective.

· Altitude gauge now operational up to 30,000 ft agl

· Altitude gauge needle now passes in front of the hPa tumbler window.

· In Perspectives the guide tick mark on the Fuel Flow Indicator is present on the Turbo and Turbo normalized craft, it is absent from the non-Turbo Perspectives.

· In non-Turbo Perspectives the Manifold Pressure numerical readout on the engine page is now shown.

· In Perspectives the format of the Fuel Flow readout now includes a decimal point and the readings on the Engine page and EIS are all calibrated to sync up.

· SR22 Avidyne battery 2 switch is present and functioning correctly.

· Power readings for Turbo Perspectives extended to 120%.

· Positioning of TOGA button adjusted so it is always easily accessible.

· Brake Panel moved to the auxiliary screen.

· Percent Power gauge re-calibrated to read more accurately.

· DFC90 in Avidyne layouts now activating correctly with the combo key.

· In Perspectives CAS alert messages go grey once cleared and viewed.

· In Perspectives the LVL button is now working as expected.

· SR20 layouts no longer have a Yaw Damper button.

· SR20 Avidyne steam AirSpeed Indicator has bee re-calibrated so it tracks more accurately.


· On the G1000 engine page the Vac indicator now has two active indicator triangles.

· DA42 Aircraft file adjusted to help mitigate engine stutter and cycling.

· On the DA20 Aircraft the lights are now working.

· The G1000 should now display the correct failure states when the Master is on but the Avionics are off.


· Meridian G1000 the TOGA button is now working properly.

· Warrior RPM gauge adjusted and re-calibrated to read more accurately.

· Arrow AirSpeed Indicator re-calibrated to read more accurately.

· Arrow warning lights ‘Gear Unsafe’ and  ‘In Transit’ now illuminate properly.

· Heading bug knobs work properly again.


· When the Governor switch is on the Gov will pick up control of the RPM when it hits 80% and raise it to 104%.

· Verbal 500 ft warning is no longer active in the helicopters.

· Helicopter clutch switch is only disengaged if the cover is open, even on load.

· Morse Ident is now functional.

SimAVIO and General Instruments

· Rotary knobs now rotate smoothly when external USB hardware is connected

· Time of Day preset buttons in the Simulator Control Station should now be functional globally.

· Values for the various V-speeds in the Garmin avionics should now match those values found in the POHs.

· GPS keypad position fixed.

· Invalid approach, KFFZ NDB-A, removed (FTS 208 update).

· Aspen blue turn prediction line (turn cue) turned off.

· Invalid approaches into KSHR fixed (FTS 208 update).

· KARW now available in navdata (FTS 208 update).

· ‘Frequencies’ is now spelled correctly on the SimAVIO preferences page.

· Flight Director now stays within the bounds of its’ screen or gauge and does not cross in front of the compass rose in the Aspen.

· Timers will now count faster when the Sim time is set to 2X, 4X or 6X speed.

· Audio alerts will no longer activate on load up.

· Sim loading screens progress properly according to the load status.

· Glide Path and Approach lights react appropriately when TOGA button is pushed.

· On the Aspen the Baro value can now be adjusted when it is in mB units.

· All the keys on the GPS keypad now type.

· After GA on a GPS approach if ALTS is armed the craft will now stop at the bugged altitude.

· Audio alert , ‘Altitude’, will sound when you go 200ft above or below the bugged altitude.


New Features and add-ons


· Improved engine modeling:  Manifold pressure, fuel  flow

· An Angle of Attack gauge is on the Perspective when the newest version of the software is selected.

· SR22T Perspectives now show top Turbine Temperature and top Cylinder Temperature on the EIS.

· Optimal Fuel Flow/Lean cyan line added to the G1000 in T and TN layouts


· A new R22 layout has been made with an Aspen.

SimAVIO and General Instruments

· Release of auto-scoring  scenarios with an instrument flying curriculum

· Virtual keypad added for Altitude Select on G1000.

· Added the southern hemisphere of the world to the GPS navigation database

· Added compatibility with the new  hardware control interface,  a soon to be released product for all TouchTrainers to replace some of the virtual knobs.

Release notes for 2.96.352.4


Release date 7/8/2016

Bugs fixed:


· Brakes dragging effect fixed.

· Keypad on ALT now shows up and functional (All G100 aircraft)


· Removed non-functioning ALT keypad from FMS



New Features and add-ons


· New FTS version check utility installed which now points to the new server


· KAP 140 added to DA 40 analog, as well as DA40 G1000 and DA42 G1000

Release notes for 2.96.352.0

Release Date 6/7/2016

Bugs fixed:

SimAVIO and general Instruments for all aircraft

· New plugin 3.0.934 fixes load order with 2 plugins by renaming the folders for IOS and FTS. 

· Improved knob functions regarding HDG and ALT mistakenly syncing. Now if user accidently places finger on SYNC, the sync will occur immediately, instead of delayed.

· Final approach course sync with CDI needle now works on G1000

· Avidyne Next Checklist feature now works

· Avidyne altitude selector PFD knob now moves correctly in either CCW or CW direction

· Corrected slow Aspen HDG and CRS knob

· G1000 Terrain warning alert Is now triggered correctly.  The sensitivity was too high.

· G1000 CAS message “Landing Light” is now suppressed

· 430/530 turn message emissivity now correct for night flight

· DFC90 autopilot LVL mode now goes into ROL mode correctly

· DFC90 autopilot APPR now auto-arms when proper conditions are met.

· DFC90 autopilot VS/ALT now correctly engages FD, not AP.

· 430 compass now moves in the correct direction

· Top row of buttons now works on the keypad for GPS entries

· Numeric keypad works on the FTS530

· GFC-700 autopilot GA/GA now cancels SUSP

· GFC-700 NAV annunciation now works when FD is armed and servos are disengaged.

· GFC-700:  GS correctly arms on an ILS approach when APR is armed and while still on GPS source.

· AP on G1000 PFD now disengage AP when using Emutec hardware

· NAV and APR buttons now functioning correctly on GFC 700

· Hiding the bezels now correctly hides the standby AI gauge.

· Space button and “T:” button is now correctly assigned on the FMS remote G1000 panel (GCU).

· G1000 When the Reversionary mode is active, the VOR CDI no longer switches back to GPS without user input.

· “Waiting for X-Plane” annunciation on I.O.S. now correctly appears.

· Wind direction vector is now correct on the I.O.S.

· Garmin G500 now has the MDA virtual keypad for faster data entry

· Airports now correctly show GPS approach type: i.e. LPV versus LNAV+V

· Documented a resolution to ATIS sound not audible while the other X-Plane sounds continue to work


· Addresses R22 MAST BUMP failure on startup.  It was necessary for us to remove the MAST BUMP failure all together.

· Fixed GOV switch being ignored when IOS was connected R44

· Corrected low RPM warning R22, R 44. Now sounds at 97%


· Fixed Corvallis C400 AP disconnect screen button

· Crosstie functions correctly C400

· Added missing NAV/COM bypass, inducted headed air, and ELT


· Fixed no voltage on Diamond EIS panel


· G1000 Etch outline around engine instruments fixed on Cirrus

· Fixed Yaw Damper on Cirrus

· CHT now correct for SR20

· Cirrus G1 autopilot now functions correctly

· SR20 VSpeeds now correct

· SR20 now displays MP digits and indicates correct decimal points

· Corrected range for VAC Cirrus analog aircraft


· Cessna fuel pump now sounds

· Standby battery switch now correctly defaults to OFF when aircraft is first loaded.


· Removed Go-Around (GA) button from all aircraft without G1000.  This was added by mistake originally.

· Added missing fuel pump sound on Beech Aircraft

· Vacuum gauge is now in the green arch at 1000 RPM Beech Baron Aspen


· Warrior rudder too sensitive.. FIXED.

New Features

· Introduce World Nav Data

· Added declutter softkey for airways on G1000

· Added numeric keypad for ALT knob G1000

Known issues

· Prop animation on Cessna aircraft does not move through range

· OBS does not work at the FAF on most approaches.  Instead, it cycles SUSP on and off. 

· Stall warning horn still sounds when electrics OFF:  X-Plane bug will be fixed in 10.50

· Com frequency on GPS cannot be tuned to 3rd decimal place

· Some approach procedures and frequencies  are still missing from our navigation data

· Engine modeling:  Manifold pressure and fuel flows.  Still inaccurate in some circumstances due to X-Plane errors, bug reported to Laminar research.  Manifold pressure is a limitation of the simulation until X-Plane fix it. 

· ETA display in the GNS430 is not working.  Reads 0.00

· Limitation:  Wind vector, track vector, nav ring, autozoom, legend, TAWS, nav ring, and fuel range ring do not persist on the G1000 when the power is cycled on the avionics.  

· Numeric keypad hides while on the Baro set MDA field of the G1000.  This only occurs after you start twisting the FMS knob.

· You have to press the LVL button twice on the DFC90 autopilot before it functions.

· Missing world nav data for the South east (Australia region)


Release notes for 2.96.332

Release date: 2/11/16

Known issues:

· Corvallis is rolling to the left and the ball is not centered

· Piper slip indicator rolling in the wrong direction

· Cessna aircraft roll when flaps are introduced.

· Piper Warrior rudder too sensitive

· Com frequency on GPS can not be tuned to 3rd decimal place

· Some approach procedures are still missing from our navigation data

· Engine modeling:  Manifold pressure and fuel flows.  Still inaccurate in some circumstances due to X-Plane errors, bug reported to Laminar research.  Manifold pressure is a limitation of the simulation until X-Plane fix it. 

· ETA display in the GNS430 is not working.  Reads 0.00

· Limitation:  Wind vector, track vector, nav ring, autozoom, legend, TAWS, nav ring, and fuel range ring do not persist on the G1000 when the power is cycled on the avionics.  

Bugs fixed:

SimAVIO and general Instruments for all aircraft

· Assigning hardware codes from more than one Leo Bodnar boards that have identical device names was not instancing correctly.  FIXED

· NAV Page 1 on the GNS530 GPS shows incorrect data field for the top center (above the arc).  FIXED to correct value TRK (track)

· Garmin G1000 some PFD FMS buttons were hidden from view in some  special cases.    FIXED.  It was related to the baro virtual keypad not shutting down correctly.

· Capture altitude was setting to the current aircraft altitude when the autopilot ALT button was pressed on the Garmin G1000.  FIXED.  Only the STEC autopilot should have this behavior. 

· When loading an approach on the MFD side of the Garmin G1000, the final approach course would not sync to the CDI needle during the switch from GPS to VLOC.    Previously, it was only syncing when loading the approach on the PFD side.  FIXED.

· Garmin G1000: Altitude capture should be to the nearest 10s not to the 1s digit

· Terrain and Clutter buttons are missing from the IOS  FIXED.

· Garmin G1000 autopilot:  GFC 700 Altitude Pre-Select and capture:  white ALTS does not annunciate when armed.  FIXED.

· Garmin G1000 autopilot:  The YD should stay ON when AP is disconnected when using the AP button.   FIXED.

· Some knobs on the Aspen, G500 and G1000 would not function using USB hardware. FIXED.

· LPV approaches were not annunciated correctly. FIXED

· Certain approaches when loading vectors-to-final reported a false leg length. FIXED.

New Products!

· Bendix King KAP140 for the Garmin G1000.  Many of the original G1000 installations used the KAP140 autopilot instead of Garmin’s digital GFC-700 autopilot.    An upgrade to your software will add this layout for Cessna aircraft.

· Support for X-Assign, a software plugin that saves different flight control configurations for customers who frequently switch aircraft.   Now, there is no need to re-assign throttle controls between single and twin aircraft.


· LVL mode stays in HDG mode. It does not go into ROL mode  FIXED.


· Cessna analog 172 SP GNS530 had corrupt layout. FIXED.

· Behavior of prop veneer animation not correct.  Bug found on Beech aircraft also.  FIXED.


· Flap movement too fast for DA42 FIXED

· Fuel flow and fuel quantity gauges were reading zero for DA40 FIXED.

· GEAR/FIRE WARN TST inoperable on DA42 G1000 FIXED.

· Diamond G1000. PITOT HT amber message should be displayed if OFF at all times  FIXED.

· DA42 ECU switches should be set to Auto as default not ECU B  FIXED.

· Robinson

· R22 Low Rotor RPM Warning light and horn should go off at 97% instead of 90%.  FIXED.


· Removed coolant temperature on G1000 engine pages to make room for  amps and volts gauges.

· Added NavCom_Bypass button above the OMI markers for Avidyne layouts.

· Improved visual textures and aesthetics to Avidyne layouts.


Release notes for 2.96.310.1

Release date: 12/23/15

Known issues:

· Some approach procedures are still missing from our navigation data

· Cessna Aspen: GPS2 cannot be selected to control the autopilot




Bugs fixed:

SimAVIO and general Instruments for all aircraft

· Missing seat position button now visible on all systems other than FM210

· Fixed the fuel totalizer. Now displays correct fuel remaining and time left

· Garmin G1000 LOC course pointer now auto slews correctly on all approaches

· Garmin G1000 CRS and Baro knobs now do not overlap

· Garmin  G1000 ALERT warnings now clear when clear button is pressed

· Garmin G1000 baro mins now round to the nearest 10 feet.

· Fixed overlapping windows on GNS 430

· Added aural alert “Minimums” when reaching the MDA on the Garmin G500


· Perspective G3 communications radio now connected to battery power


· G1000 ESS bus now wired correctly.

· Start sequence now correct.

· Fixed stuck carbon monoxide ann. On


· Fixed 182 T skidding down the runway with full brakes applied during short field take off procedure


· Fixed DA42 ECU switches, now set auto as default.


· Removed vacuum pump from Bonanza G36

· Fixed Bonanza landing light stuck G1000

· Removed Bonanza G36 G1000 KFC225 layout. Aircraft does not exist.



· Archer radios no longer power on with BATT off.

· Cherokee G500 V speed flags are now correct and larger.


P68 Vulcanair:

· VYSE blue line and VCMA red line now correct

· Stand by now hides bezel


Known Issues in this release

· none

Release notes for 2.96.307.6

Release date: 12/7/2015


Bugs fixed:

SimAVIO and general Instruments for all aircraft

· Reverted changes to slip indicator.

· Fixed wrong behavior with G1000 transponder

· Improved touchscreen user interface for ADF tuner

· Fixed: Garmin G1000 Flight director bars could not achieve 7 degrees pitch up in Take Off and Go Around modes.


· Radio 2 now independent of radio 1 Beech Analog bonanza standard.

· Fixed fuel stuck on 000 in IOS panel.



· Fixed incorrect fuel quanity on IOS panel, SR22 G2



· Engine and fuel now come on when the battery is switched on.



· Warrior – added carb heat and amp gauge

· Added new layout Warrior with H S I  instead of DG

· Cherokee – Fixed the fuel levels reported by the IOS



· Added cyclic friction knob R22

Known Issues in this release

· none


Release notes for 2.96.306.0

Release date: 11/12/15

New Aircraft

· Vulcanair for G1000 (instruments only, flight model not included)


SimAVIO and general instruments for all aircraft

· Stops "Arriving Waypoint" annunciation on Garmin GPS’s from flashing continuously after a full stop landing at the destination airport.

· Slip (ball) on the turn coordinator was too sensitive.  Reduced sensitivity by 5X on all instruments, including G1000, G500, Aspen and Avidyne.

· Added a GA light to the B200 artificial horizon.

· Reset GPS waypoint annunciates during a power cycle of the GPS.  Fixed for all GPS’s such as G1000, GNS430 and GNS530.

Diamond DA20

· Improved realism of DA20 airspeed gauge.

· Fuel prime and fuel pump switches added

· Replaced generator amps gauge with battery amps gauge

· Added eng_rnd_Amps_DA20, measures battery amps

· Added aircraft specific switches, annunciators, altimeter, placards, throttle panel, and parking brake cluster.

· Added aircraft specific

· Added aircraft specific

· Removed manual trim switch


· Added engine separation and rotor failures

· Added Mast bump and vortex ring failures


· Left generator and Right generator failures

· Added speed tape and flags to G500 for MU2


· Fixed issues with reposition heading and wind direction.

· Single tank fuel fill page for the DA20

· Added Spline Fail button for MU2

· Fixed fuel low annunciation

Known Issues in this release

· Cessna Aspen: GPS2 cannot be selected to control the autopilot

· Engine modeling:  Manifold pressure and fuel flows.  Still inaccurate in some circumstances due to X-Plane errors, bug reported to Laminar research.  Manifold pressure is a limitation of the simulation until X-Plane fix it. 

· OBS does not work at the FAF on most approaches.  Instead, it cycles SUSP on and off. 

· ETA display in the GNS430 is not working.  Reads 0.00

· Limitation:  Wind vector, track vector, nav ring, autozoom, legend, TAWS, nav ring, and fuel range ring do not persist on the G1000 when the power is cycled on the avionics.  

· DA40 Prop control not going through entire range

· Cessna 182 prop lever drops rpm too fast and too far below the green.

· GA button does nothing on Bonanza G36

Release notes for

From 5/29/14 to 9/4/15

New Aircraft

· MU2


SimAVIO and general instruments for all aircraft

· Some autopilot buttons, CRS and HDG knobs did not work on the GFC700 when actuated from the Emuteq G1000 FIXED

· Removed keys.xml file from all Panel directories.  The Hotkeys (keyboard shortcut) GUI  menu in SimAVIO is deprecated in this release.  To add new hotkeys, users must now edit the keys.xml file located in the Library folder using a text or XML editor.

· Aspen and G500 Failures now work correctly.  Standby round gauges on Aspen panels do not fail when primary Aspen indicators fail.   Round gauges can now be failed separated as “co-pilot” instruments.

· Made the touch sensitive areas easier to manipulate on the King Altitude / VVI selector by redesigning the size and location of the areas.

· Added correct failure indications and behaviors to the needles and bars on the JPI930 engine monitor.

· Added touch failures to the round gauge Airspeed Indicators, Artificial horizons, HSI and directional gyro instruments.

· Added touch failures to KFC autopilots.

· Added KFC140 autopilot

· Added pitch rocker animation to KAP200 autopilot

· Modified Supervisor Start-up code for compatibility with the new FM210 products.


· Added correct empty weight and max weight for G1000 verses all other avionics fits.  The G1000 empty weight is higher. 

· Bonanza G1000 had incorrect fuel selector switch

· Added a JPI930 engine monitor for the A36


· Added missing VOR / CDI gauge to Cessna analog layouts and removed slip indicator for the primary artificial horizon.


· Added compatibility with XOEM governor switch hardware on collective.


· Fixed vacuum fail and generator fail buttons and annunciations

· Added directional gyro failure

· Added hotkey labels to the button labels

· Added failures specific to the MU2 aircraft.

Release notes for

From 5/28/14 to 3/10/15

New Aircraft

· Piper Archer with analog panels

· Moony M20j

· Commander

New Features

· Added feature to select real date and time in the IOS


SimAVIO and general instruments for all aircraft

· Addressed network issue. SimAVIO would disconnect if internet connection dropped.

· SimAVIO will now destroy textures on reload and exit.  Texture memory is now being released.

· Now multiple identical Leo Bodnar USB boards can be loaded an used simultaneously

· Added touchscreen compatibility for Windows 8 and 10

· Added voice controls for speech synthesis scripts.

· G1000 timer fixed.

· All failures are now working

· Parking brake now set to engage on startup

· Stopped Altitude select knob from falling below -300ft

· Stopped COMS and FMS buttons from actioning when knobs are tapped very fast.

· Aspen PFD: stopped freeze on Aspen CRS needle when data is invalid

· Aspen PFD: adjusted sensitivity of ALT preselect knob

· 430 Compass moving in wrong direction:   Fixed

· Added LOC sync to the final approach course when an ILS is loaded in the G1000

· Removed alert for pitot head ON for G1000 CAS messages

· GFC700 autopilot bugs  FIXED

· GS annunciations and airspeed tumblers incorrect on G1000  FIXED


· Constant speed prop issue resolved

· Aircraft rolling to the right fixed by confirming that aileron trim is reset to ZERO (Because Cessna’s don’t have aileron trim!)

· Removed slip indicator from analog artificial horizon

· Added missing VOR for panels with directional gyro

· MP gauge now gives correct reading with power off(Cessna Analog)

· Corrected MP color arcs T206(analog)

· Added autopilot disconnect buttons to G1000 layouts

· New layout:  Cessna 172SP analog with dual Bendix King Radios, no retract gear and no prop lever.

· Fixed flap lever on Cessna G1000 layouts.

· Increased size of autopilot and transponder on Cessna analog layouts.

· Cessna 172 Aspen:  replaced Hobbs meter with Sim time meter.

· Standardized positioning and size for all Cessna layouts

· Added layouts for customers with Emuteq hardware



· Fixed missing instruments from Piper Malibu

· Fixed all radios working with the master batt off.

· Added Saratoga analog gauges

· Adjusted horizon so that it is in the center of the screen for VX layouts.

· Piper Arrow had missing instruments  FIXED.


· Fixed unbalanced fuel flow problems A36 4 tank

· Fixed airspeed indicator on G500

· Added CHT bar graph on JPI

· Adjusted the weight to proper setting A36

· Added King DME, Audio Panel and ADF to Bonanza G500

· Added missing audio panel

· Fixed Fuel not matching EDM 930

· The standby alt light now functions correctly

· Fixed the panel background to prevent purple bleeding around the edges of the panel.

· Bonanza A36 glair shield annunciators added

· Bonanza A36 placards added

· Bonanza A36 analog: added more realistic airspeed and altimeter gauges

· Bonanza A36:  added air vents to the panel

· Bonanza A36:  Tip tanks quantity and fuel transfer fixed

· Transponder fail button fixed on IOS

· Added seat position switch

· Added a new layout for Standard TouchTrainers:  Baron analog with KFC200, Bonaza Aspen, and Bonanza G500

· Added a GPSS switch to the Baron G500


· Stopped view change when CAPS is deployed

· updated and repositioned the standby instruments button and repositioned standby instruments cluster

· Added Sim Time meter to Perspective layouts.

· Adjusted horizon position for Perspective layouts.

· Added AP/FD switch to SR20 DFC90 layout.



· Made Garmin GDU larger to make it easier to action the buttons

· fixed slip ball going in wrong direction on standby horizon.

· fixed the incorrect loading the C400 in X-Plane when the C350 layout is loaded.

· Added seat position button and sim time meter.


· DA42 G1000 MFD should power up with the PFD .  FIXED

· G1000 Pitot CAS message FIXED

· DA42 Parking Break moved

· DA42 #2 engine was not constant speed  FIXED

IOS (Instructor’s station)

· Added a new layout compatible for the Surface Pro 3 Tablet computer

· You now have controls for multiple layers of weather instead of just the bottom layer

· Cloud bottoms and Cloud tops controls not showing real conditions of weather  FIXED

· IOS was not finding waypoints the first time the page is loaded  FIXED

Release notes for 2.96.229

New Features

IOS features:

 You can now have quick select buttons for Day, Night, and Sunset time of day


New Aircraft

No new aircraft

Known bugs that are in this release.

· Some approaches are missing or incomplete

Bugs that are addressed in this release

Aspen PFD would cause SimAVIO to crash when you twist the left CRS knob FIXED

Baro, ALT, and VS knobs are too sensitive on many EFIS displays, like the G1000, Aspen and Avidyne. FIXED

Piper Seneca and Malibu layout issues FIXED

FIND feature on IOS showed an “Err” message the first time it is accessed FIXED

Ball  on inclinometer moves at a different direction and a different speed than the artificial horizon inclinometer  FIXED

Removed SYNC text on Directional Gyro FIXED

IAS selector would increment by 2 knots instead of by 1 knot on GFC700 autopilot FIXED

Cirrus G5 V speeds incorrect FIXED

Bug fixes for Beech A36 G500 layout

· Added the King DME indicator FIXED

· Added the audio panel FIXED

· Added an ADF FIXED

· The panel fuel gauges (mains and aux tanks) are not matching what is being shown on the EDM930 or on the fuel setup page.  FIXED

· The EDM CHT bar graph is not working correctly. Bars go over limit  FIXED

· The standby alternator light should not come on when the standby alternator switch is turned on. The light ONLY should come on if the MAIN alternator switch has been turned off or the main alternator has failed. FIXED

· The airplane gross weight should be set to 4,000 pounds. The weights for the fuel tanks should be: 40 gals or 240 pounds for each of the main tanks and 15 gals or 90 pounds for each of the tip tanks.  FIXED

·  no GYRO instruments so there is no need for a panel annunciator light. The standby attitude

indicator is electric. FIXED


Piper Single instruments were missing from the layout FIXED

ALT, VS, IAS, and GS arm annunciations on the GFC700 were not properly annunciating on the G1000 FIXED

CAS messages on G1000 show “Pilot Heat On” for some aircraft that should not display this message REMOVED this message for all but Piper aircraft



Release notes for 2.96.209  11/25/14

New Features

Spiral Touch rev 3

This is the final rollout of the new knob actuators.  Many of the knobs from the previous release were still on the old style where counterclockwise and clockwise were separate buttons.  The dual concentric GPS FMS knob and the dual concentric frequency tuning knobs are merged and simplified.   Users can now twirl their finger in either direction to increment or decrement the alpha numeric entry of waypoints or frequencies. 

Improved touchscreen response:  The actuation of buttons and switches has changed from touch DOWN to touch OFF.  This virtually eliminates inadvertent actuation and brings FTS touch screen actuation into line with other applications.

Compatibility with Window 8 touch:  This new software will allow us to start shipping new systems with the Windows 8 OS.  In addition to the faster boot times allowed by Windows 8, we will also have a great text-to-speech engine for enabling Zira, our virtual instructor included with Scenarios by FTS.   

New Pilot Edge plugin:  The new PE plugin will allow you to enter your very own N number into the PE connection window and that tail number will appear on any of the aircraft panels that you fly.   It is important to use your unique aircraft number while on the ATC network.  We can’t have two of the same aircraft flying around!  You will also find the RX and TX annunciations appear on the radio.

Multiple USB HID devices with identical product / serial numbers can now be identified as separate hardware devices in SimAVIO. 4 identical Leo Bodnar Button Box Interfaces were tested, however more may be possible.

Added TKE (Track angle Error) to the Nav Pages of the GNS430 and GNS530

New scenario features added.   Testing has transitioned from alpha to beta. 

New Aircraft

Saratoga G1000

Beech Bonanza G500 with 2 tip tanks

All of the know bugs from the previous release are still in this release.

Known bugs that are in this release.

· Some approaches are missing or incomplete

Bugs that are addressed in this release

· SimAVIO would crash with the latest Nvidia drivers FIXED.  You can now update to the latest Nvidia drivers.

· GPS map would disappear or go into map pan mode when you move the map on the IOS.  FIXED.

· Altitude does not capture at the altitude defined by the altitude pre-selector.  FIXED for Beech analog panels.

· Slip ball was going in the wrong direction for the standby horizon.  FIXED.

· DA42 MFD should power up with the PFD  FIXED.

· Visual horizon was not centered on some layouts  FIXED.

· On the Avidyne PFD, the right knob press did not work when the mode is set to Baro.  It should change the baro pressure set to 29.92.   FIXED

· GTX 327 transponder:  Flight Timer counts up even when sitting on the ground.  It should only start counting when you are airborne.  FIXED.

· GNS430 and GNS530: 

o Crossfill menu option should be available on nav page  FIXED.

o XTK value on NAV page 1 should have two significant figures  FIXED.

· Added second CDI gauge to the Cessna analog Standard layouts.

· VS knob does not work on the G500  FIXED.

· Avidyne MFD

o Hide all buttons on MFD that do not have a label or function  FIXED

o Change Next label on  checklist to "Next Checklist"  FIXED

o MFD Fuel page, Added fuel should start at ZERO initially..  Not the same value as the total fuel  FIXED

o You should be able to normalize over and over again on the engine page EGT CHT.  Right now, it just changes the view.  FIXED

o On the MFD map page, the engine data inset should show Normalized CHT if the normalized mode is currently selected on the Engine Page  FIXED

o Range button on the MFD goes into auto-repeat  FIXED WITH NEW KNOB TYPE

· Aux page 1 g1000 departure time wrong format  FIXED

· Beech aircraft has too much prop torque.  The aircraft would roll left or right with changes in power settings.  FIXED

That completes the notes for release 2.96.209.. see below for older release notes…


Release notes for 2.96.97  9/24/14

New Features

Spiral Touch rev2

Initial implementation of a new knob actuator.  This improved actuator will combine two touch areas (clockwise and counter-clockwise) into a single touch area.  The user will use a spiral movement to increment or decrement the knob.    With the old style knob, users could only adjust in one direction.  If the other direction was needed, the user was required to depress from the screen and press the opposite rotating touch area.     In short, we are expanding the Spiral Touch that was only used on heading and course knobs previously, to a broader group of knobs such as altitude, barometric setting, map range, flight plan, frequency and brightness.  “Initial” means that only some of the knobs are converted for this release.  A final implantation will be included in the next release of SimAVIO.

Instructors Controls

Further refinements and improvements to the instructor controls.  The instructor controls allow the user to reposition the aircraft, execute failures, change weather, add fuel, and run scenarios.    This release changes the method for adjusting the altitude and heading before repositioning the airplane to avoid accidental actuation of neighboring controls.    This release also adds several new buttons, like a ground speed multiplier to speed to aircraft between legs on a flight plan. 

Compatibility with X-Plane version 10.30

It is NOT recommended that you upgrade to 10.30 at this time, however if you accidently upgrade, this version of SimAVIO will at least stop it from crashing.

· New engine analyzers


o AuRACLE CRM 2100

· New autopilots

o STEC 65

o KFC 225

· New Aircraft

o Piper Analog aircraft with a Garmin GNS530W

§ Arrow

§ Malibu

§ Seneca II

§ Warrior

o Piper Aspen aircraft

§ Seneca II

o Piper Avidyne aircraft

§ Saratoga

o Piper Garmin G500

§ Cherokee IIB

o Piper Garmin G1000

§ Meridian

· Rockwell Commander

· Beech A26 with Garmin G500

· Corvallis Garmin G1000

Know bugs that are in this release

· For all Aircraft:

o Autopilot is disconnecting four or five times after the autopilot is first switched on and the mode is changed by the user then operates normally.  (like going from NAV mode to HDG mode)

o If the mixture is leaned out according to the Pilot’s Operating Handbook, the engine begins to sputter and loss almost all power.    The power loss is occurring at a fuel flow that is much higher than it should. 

o Not a bug more of a simulation anomaly;  ILS back-course cannot work unless “Turn off Downwind ILS’s” is selected and the wind is in the correct direction

o The animation for Prop control does not move the full range, even when the full range is exercised on the hardware control.

o Some approach procedures have legs that are too long

o Some approach procedures are still missing from our navigation data

o When on an altitude hold with the STEC, the INC and DEC keys should adjust the altitude hold by 50 feet.  This function on the  STEC does not work

Bugs that are addressed in this release

· Lubber Line missing from Analog HSI  FIXED

· GPS track (TRK) indication was reading ZERO all the time  FIXED.

· Some aircraft would not load correctly in X-Plane when a new layout in SimAVIO was loaded.  The user would not recognize that they were flying the wrong airplane because the instrumentation panel was correct, but the aircraft flight model was incorrect.  FIXED.

· EGT’s and CHT’s were showing ZERO, even with engine running.  FIXED.

· Cessna 172S aircraft would not start correctly.  FIXED

· Garmin G1000 MDA bug was not showing  FIXED

· Diamond Bug fixes

o Starter for DA42 twin

· Corrected wiring of Garmin PFD and MFD for Piper Meridian  FIXED

· Warning light on and CAS message will not suppress after acknowledging it with the G1000 soft keys  FIXED

· Added failures for Alternator 1 and Alternator 2 to Instructor’s controls and confirmed the procedure for sheading load in case this failure occurs  FIXED

· Cirrus Perspective:  Added correct fuel flow color indications on the gauges.  The indications should change depending on the current engine manifold pressure.   FIXED

· Cirrus Perspective TOGA should change to ROL mode when on the missed approach .  FIXED

· Garmin G1000 Failures:

o ADC failure, the vertical autopilot modes should fail EXCEPT PIT mode.  FIXED

o ADF failure, you should be able to bug the altitude pre-select .  FIXED

o ADF failure, the Baron Min Box should be hidden from view.  FIXED

o AHRS failure, the magnetometer should also fail.  FIXED

o AHRS failure, flight director bars should be hidden from view  FIXED.

· Avidyne Failures:

o Primary EFIS (PFD) power failure (not just a screen failure) should fail the AHRS and the autopilot when an Avidyne DFC90 is fitted.   If the Avidyne is fitted with an STEC 55X autopilot, the AHRS fails, but the autopilot does not.  This is because the STEC has its own internal sensors.  Now, this works correctly for each of these autopilot types!

o AHRS failure was only failing the attitude sensor.  It should also fail the magnetometer.  FIXED.

o ADC failure with a DFC90 autopilot should fail the vertical modes of the autopilot (Altitude hold, Vertical speed hold, and airspeed hold)  and should revert to PIT modes  FIXED

o Turn coordinator was showing full left side deflection when ADC was failed  FIXED

o Autopilot modes should still be visible at the top of the PFD , even with and ADC and AHRS failure.  FIXED

· X-Plane aircraft flight dynamics improvements

o Engine power changes should not upset the roll unrealistically.    FIXED.

o Aileron trim should not function for certain aircraft.  FIXED for Cessna

· Aspen

o The Cessna 172 did not have correct speed tape and speed flags FIXED

o GPS2 was not driving the autopilot correctly when GPS2 was selected on the CDI.